Want to get involved in our chapter but don’t know how?

Do you want to know more about Surfrider Foundation, what we do and how to get involved?

If so, please join Surfrider as a volunteer and take part in our next training program.

Volunteerism is the heart and soul of our organization. Volunteers are the leaders who carry out the strategies of each chapter.

The training will provide volunteers the knowledge and tools they need to become Surfrider ambassadors.

Sign up for our next volunteer training session via our website (www.yoamomiplaya.com/volunteer) or get in touch by email: info@yoamomiplaya.com


Become a Member  

By joining Surfrider Foundation, you can help ensure a better future for our precious coastlines and their valuable resources.

Your membership helps Surfrider Foundation to continue advocating for our oceans, waves and beaches.

Get involved to make a positive difference for the future of the oceans, waves and beaches that nourish our lives.

You can sign up as a member via www.yoamomiplaya.com/members or by emailing us at info@yoamomiplaya.com. We will get back in touch.

Membership Rates (*)

Regular: $100
Family: $300
Students: $30
Friend: $500
Benefactor: Discretionary donation

* All memberships are renewable annually.

All the money we raise goes to fund the programs of Surfrider Foundation Pinamar. These include the I LOVE MY BEACH campaign, educational programs, beach cleanups, the printing and distribution of brochures, posters, reusable bags, promotional materials, and any of the chapter’s other needs.

Growing our organization is key expanding membership and educating the public about the important work we are doing at Surfrider Foundation Pinamar.


Eco-Certify your business  

Businesses that meet all or some of the environmental standards established by our foundation will receive recognition from Surfrider Foundation Pinamar as a company that complies with norms for environmental protection.

For more info www.yoamomiplaya.com/certifica.html


Protect your beach  

Volunteer to adopt a beach or a specific area in your town.

To learn more, please write to info@yoamomiplaya.com and let us know what beach or area are interested in adopting.



Surfrider Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches.

If you want to make a donation to the Surfrider Foundation Chapter Pinamar, please click here.

If your company or organization would like to organize a fundraiser to support our chapter, or if you have questions about how to donate, please get in touch by email: info@yoamomiplaya.com.

Thanks for your support!

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